Arcebispo de São Francisco faz exorcismo em local que a estátua de São Junípero foi derrubada


O Arcebispo de São Francisco/CA Dom Salvatore Cordileone fez um ritual de exorcismo no local aonde a estátua de São Junípero Serra. Os católicos também rezaram o Rosário pedindo a intercessão de Maria contra a perseguição que a Igreja e os católicos vem sofrendo.

A estátua foi derrubada por extremistas anticatólicos na última semana, afirmam de forma mentirosa e difamatória que a Igreja Católica defendia escravidão e exploração indígena, sendo que a Igreja sempre se manteve firma e a favor do direito natural dos indígenas, como mostra encíclicas e bulas.

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God bless Archbishop Cordileone. St. Junipero Serra, pray for us. ⠀ Archbishop Cordileone's grandparents were from #Sicily; his paternal grandfather was a #fisherman and his maternal grandfather, Salvatore, a farmer. His paternal uncle, Joe, died in #WorldWarII. ⠀ The Archbishop's father, Leon Cordileone, was born in San Francisco. He moved with his family to San Diego when he was four. Later, he worked with his three brothers in the family commercial fishing #business and later bought his own albacore #fishingboat. ⠀ Mary, the Archbishop's mother, was born and raised in #Buffalo, #NewYork, the oldest of four sisters. In 1947 she and her family moved to San Diego where she met Leon. The two were #married on November 13, 1949. ⠀ He graduated from #SanDiego's Crawford High School in June 1974. The following December, during his first year of college at San Diego State University, he was encouraged by a #young #parishpriest he respected to attend a #seminary #vocation retreat. It was during this first year that the Archbishop discerned his call to the #priesthood, entering St. Francis Seminary and transferring as a sophomore to the #UniversityofSanDiego. ⠀ On July 5, 2002, #PopeJohnPaulII appointed then-Monsignor Cordileone as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego. He was ordained a bishop on August 21, 2002 by Bishop Brom. In addition to serving on the various consultative bodies of the diocese during his years as auxiliary of San Diego, Bishop Cordileone also chaired the Corporate Board of #CatholicCharities and was a member of the University of San Diego Board of Trustees, serving on its Academic Affairs and #Mission and #Vision Committees. ⠀ On March 23, 2009, #PopeBenedictXVI appointed Bishop Cordileone as the fourth Bishop of Oakland. His Mass of Installation was celebrated on May 5, 2009 at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland. Three years later, on July 27, 2012, he was appointed the Archbishop of #SanFrancisco and was installed on October 4, 2012, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, at the #Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption. ⠀ #CatholicConnect #Catholic #CatholicChurch #JesusChrist #Faith #BibleVerses #BibleVerse #Christianity

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